Will Greensborough Highway and Bulleen Road become the North East Link?

No. The Greensborough Highway and Bulleen Road will not become the North East Link. North East Link will be a new freeway-standard road. The current connections from Greensborough Highway and Bulleen Road to the existing road network will also kept for local use.

Will Option A increase the amount of traffic heading to the city on the Eastern Freeway?

Our traffic modelling so far has found that most of the traffic currently using the most congested roads in the north-east is travelling to destinations in the east or south, not into the CBD. 

Should Option A be built, these vehicles would use North East Link to travel south to the Eastern Freeway, then head east or south-east (away from the CBD). North East Link would service this demand rather than just provide a new route into the city. 

Should Option A be built, there would be works on the Eastern Freeway between EastLink and North East Link. Traffic volumes at the Hoddle Street end of the Eastern Freeway are not expected to be materially different than if North East Link was not built. 

Option A goes through where the congestion already is. Won’t this just make congestion worse?

No. Our traffic modelling so far has found that because Option A has good connections to the existing road network, it would be effective in easing congestion. Much of the traffic on the most congested roads in the north-east originates from the north and the north-east. Making sure these vehicles can get onto the new link quickly and efficiently will help draw traffic onto the new road and away from the congested urban road network. Option A will be a freeway-standard road able to carry 100,000 cars a day.

Will I need to pay tolls to drive on roads I am using now?

No. You will still be able to drive on routes you are using now without paying any new tolls.

The indicative route looks like it goes near my house. How will I know if my home will be acquired?

Because we are still in the early stages of this project, and don’t have a preferred route yet, we’re still a way off from knowing if any private homes will be affected. 

One of our guiding principles is to minimise impacts on the environment and neighbourhoods and that means as few acquisitions as possible. One way we will be doing that is by looking at how tunnels can be used. 

if you have a specific concern about your property, please contact our team on 1800 941 191 or at community@northeastlink.vic.gov.au so we can understand your concerns and make sure we keep in touch all the way.